7Eye Prescription

7Eye Australia produces custom prescription lenses for various models in our AirShield collection. All orders are filled at the 7Eye Australia lab. Our technicians precisely grind Rx lenses for any prescriptions within the ranges shown on the order form. Ranges to -7.00D are available with our Rx Adaptor. Line bifocals are also available.

How to order:

  1. Download Rx Order Form
  2. Select your preferred frame style and prescription lens choice. All prescription sales are final, so we strongly recommend you verify the fit of the frame selected at a 7eye dealer.
  3. Completely fill out the Order Form, including your payment information and a photocopy of a prescription (less than two years old) signed by your doctor. Please be sure to include your PD measurement.
  4. Either mail or fax the completed form, with payment method indicated, directly to 7eye. FAX 03 5231 4095
  5. Please allow two weeks for processing. All prescription sales are final.