7Eye Mens Collection : Cape


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Like all our SPF100 models, the Cape comes with 7eye's patented AirShield for the ultimate in outdoor performance and protection. Frames available in Glossy Black, Charcoal or Dark Tortoise

Fit: Small - Large

Rx Ready: Yes

Includes: Case, Cloth, Leash

Frame Technology AirShield / Ultimate Protection

AirShield, the ideal environment for your eyes. Beneath its plush fabric exterior is a tough inner shell, creating a non-air-permeable shield that blocks air penetration. The fast-drying fabric overcoat quickly absorbs and wicks away moisture. Filtered vents allow just the right amount of airflow. Removable, washable and replaceable, AirShield is armor for your eyes.

Lens Options
SharpView Tinted      SharpView Polarised 24:7 PhotoChromic  RX Program
Science of Fit

AirShield is Designed for Optimal Fit

By mapping the territory around the eyes, we've created the AirShield to follow every contour of the face. This “Science of Fit” design creates a perfect seal around your eyes.


AirShield is Removable and Replaceable

AirShield is removable for those occasions when full protection isn't required, or to replace a damaged or worn AirShield.

Filtered Vents

Patented Protection

To ensure healthy airflow around the eye and prevent fogging, foam-lined vents allow filtered air to circulate inside the Orbital Sealª. No other eyewear offers this exclusive, patented protection from harmful airborne irritants and allergens.